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Clinical Overview


Healthcarefirst home health and hospice software offers an easy to use, cloud-based software solution for clinicians in this industry. Clinicians can log on to the software from any computer allowing them to obtain access to schedules and patient information easily.

Healthcarefirst provides clinical documents within the system, and also allows each agency to create their own clinical documents and forms. A partnership with the Briggs corporation now provides nationally recognized documents for clinical and agency assistance with regulatory compliance. Scheduling patients from orders or authorizations can assist with episode management of patient care and compliance.

Patient listing for case managers is easily accessible within the software, and patient information can be found quickly. Clinicians also have access to clinical reporting features such as the pending admission report, first admin report, census reporting and much more.

On call personnel can access patient information about a patient quickly by using the patient profile screen to look at this patient at a glance. Therapists and nurses can track supervisory and reassessment visits as needed. QA and supervisory personnel can review oasis and routine clinician visit notes without difficulty by using the document tracking and clinical verification of documentation.