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DDE Payer Connectivity Services

Experience a high-speed payer connection at the click of a button!

Long gone are the days of modems, slow connections, and clunky payer interfaces. With firstCONNECT, you will experience a faster and easier way to connect to Medicare Direct Data Entry (DDE/FISS), simplifying your claims and eligibility verification processes. With no additional hardware to purchase, this CMS-approved connectivity gives you the tools you need to successfully automate your DDE process.

firstCONNECT Benefits:

Faster Claims Payment

With firstCONNECT, you can enter claims in the DDE with faster speeds and a more reliable connection. No more slow or outdated phone systems that bog down your workflow.​

Improved Efficiency

When you connect to the Medicare DDE system faster through firstCONNECT, your caregivers can work more efficiently. By making the switch to a high-speed DDE connection, you will see a significant increase in the amount of claims you can process in just one day. This includes completing corrections, accessing claim history, and making patient inquiries. This results in decreased man hours that would otherwise be spent processing fewer claims.​

Reduced Costs While Generating More Revenue

With the ability to efficiently process more claims, you'll drastically improve your cash flow by reducing unnecessary time spent on claims while streamlining your workflow.​

What’s Included:

  • Web-based DDE connectivity for a faster, more reliable claims process
  • Ability to easily modify previously submitted claims data
  • Medicare eligibility checking that is compliant with CMS regulations regarding HETS submission queries
  • Real-time 270/271 HETS file responses indicating patient eligibility in a downloadable report
  • Batch file transfer of HIPAA-compliant 837 claim files to your MAC
  • Retrieval of 835, 999, and 277CA response files
  • All payer eligibility verification that gives you benefit and eligibility data for Medicaid and most commercial payers
  • Real-time copay, coinsurance, deductible, limitations, prescription, and physician information for commercial payers

Expedite your connection while simplifying your claims and verification processes. Contact us to find out how!