The demand for quality home health care is ever increasing. The competition is tough and home health care agency owners need to work out growth strategies comprising of innovative marketing ideas that give quick and effective results. From chalking out the strengths and weaknesses to getting ahead of your competition, you need to address all such crucial aspects to climb the ladder of success. These six powerful strategies are sure to help you achieve new heights of success. Take a look:

  1. Understand Your Current Strength and Weakness

The first step towards growth is having a clear idea about the current strengths and weaknesses of your agency. This will help you develop an effective action plan. Is getting new clients a challenge for you? Is the talent pool of your staff a strength of your agency? A quick gap analysis can easily help you find the strong and weak areas of your agency. Based on your findings, build a flexible growth plan so that if need be, you can change it as and when required.

  1. Chart Clear Goals

Goals will help you work with more focus towards success. Hence, set clear goals. These can be either short-term or long-term. Your immediate goals may include recruiting caregivers with diverse talents or improving your strategy to find new clients. Long-term goals comprise a bigger picture. It may include increasing profits by a certain margin in the next five years or gaining a strong foothold in new markets with innovative marketing ideas.

  1. Build Presence in the Local Community

The local community is often neglected when it comes to home care marketing. You can start building your presence by participating in community events or taking an initiative in organizing health awareness or community enhancing activities. These include cleaning the local park, arranging a health awareness booth or arranging a ‘Run for a Health Cause.’ These can also help you build your client base.

  1. Expand Your Marketing Strategy

Social media, referrals, consumer marketing – there are numerous modern marketing avenues that can help boost your agency’s growth.

  • Social media is one of the most affordable yet effective marketing tools. You can create your business page on Facebook and Twitter and reach out to thousands of potential clients by regularly posting relevant and engaging content on them.
  • It has been found through studies that top agencies use referral marketing as their primary source for growth. You can enjoy potential gains from client referrals. Work on keeping your clients happy and satisfied and they are more likely to refer you to other people.
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a top consumer marketing source which can help you gain the attention of your consumers searching for information via the Internet. An active and user-friendly website, an informative blog and social media presence are some tools that can help search engines recognize you as an expert in your field. Studies show that leading home health care agencies are increasingly tapping into the SEO power to boost their growth.
  1. Focus on Recruitment Process

Understanding your pipeline and client needs is vital for effective recruiting. For instance, if your clients have specialized health care needs, you can consider individual recruitment. Whereas, you may also go for group interviews and orientations to quickly gain a group of skilled caregivers. Employee referrals are also effective for successful hiring. Employees can do much of the pre-screening for you before sending you a referral. Hence, they are more likely to refer qualified and experienced candidates and even educate them beforehand about the vacancy. So, building a reward program for employees who help you find and hire qualified caregivers can prove beneficial.

  1. Constantly Improve

You need to pinpoint the aspects which can make your home health care agency stand out from the competition and keep improving constantly. Find out what your competition lacks and inculcate that in your business. Better marketing, client satisfaction, offering incentives and giveaways etc., can help you grow your business more successfully.

With a blend of these strategies and consistent efforts, you can boost the business of your home health care agency and achieve new benchmarks of success.


About the Author

Melanie Stover is a growth expert who coaches home care and hospice organizations throughout the country to help with their sales and marketing with her partner at Home Care Sales. She has authored several articles and manuals and regularly publishes content. When she’s not busy speaking at national events, you can find her playing with her 5-year-old twin boys while spending time at the beach on the gulf with her family and reading.