Many agencies face the same common barriers to home health and hospice success. But you may only be a few changes away from overcoming these barriers. Here are five common barriers, and how you can avoid them.

Poor Use of Resources

Even the best home health and hospice agencies can run into trouble if they don’t take advantage of the right resources. Properly using technology and services tailored specifically for home health and hospice is crucial to streamlining operations and achieving your business objectives.

When evaluating home health and hospice software, be sure to consider how it would provide measurable value for your agency. Not all vendors are the same. Identify what you need in a software system, and then do your research to determine the best financial, clinical, and operational fit for your team. Once you have selected your vendor, make sure that you work closely with them during implementation to ensure that your staff knows how to use the software, maximizing the features and functionality available to facilitate success.

Collecting the right data to make the right decisions at the right time is imperative to success. As such, you should also consider taking advantage of advanced home health and hospice analytics that give you financial, clinical, quality, and operational data needed for more informed decisions. But don’t stop at collecting the data – take the time to review and make positive changes based on your findings.

Information Silos

Information silos can be found in agencies of all sizes. Operating within silos prevents you from delivering well-coordinated care, which is necessary to meet quality demands and provide a positive patient experience. By breaking down these information silos, you will see increased efficiency, lower costs, and better care quality.

Access to patient data from anywhere and at any time helps field staff make appropriate decisions and provide the best possible care. Foster collaboration among staff to break down silos and optimize the flow of information.

Ineffective Processes

Processes are supposed to help agencies improve efficiency, better serve patients, increase employee satisfaction, and encourage growth. When those processes are ineffective, it can be a waste of time, energy, and valuable resources. Here are some things to consider when looking at your current processes:

  • Empower your staff. You hired a great team, right? Let them do their jobs without having to get an unreasonable number of approvals or sign-offs. Of course, there are instances where sign-off is required. In those instances, make sure that process is easy.
  • Have a clear vision. What do you consider success for each process? Make sure that your processes have purpose and are designed to attain those goals.
  • Don’t be afraid of change. Get honest and ask yourself, “What is working and what isn’t?” Clearly identify processes that aren’t achieving their goals and change them. Sometimes agencies will blame staff, technology, or other external factors when in reality, the process just doesn’t work.

When followed correctly, processes streamline workflows and give you a way to measure your progress and productivity. You have nothing to lose by changing ineffective processes…and everything to gain!

Trying to Do Everything Yourself

It’s no secret that it’s easier to succeed when you have the right partners on your side. Working with vendors who are committed to your success allows you and your team to shift focus from administrative duties that can slow you down to doing what you do best – providing quality patient care.

Smart home health and hospice agencies are able to recognize when they need a little help in order to stay on the road to success. For example, perhaps you notice that you’re losing out on reimbursements due to billing errors. That may be the perfect time to identify someone, like HEALTHCAREfirst, who can manage your billing for you and help you recover what you lost, or both.

By delegating responsibilities to external vendors, you can wash your hands of responsibilities that are difficult, not cost-effective, or time consuming, so you and your team can be more effective, efficient, and focused.

Where HEALTHCAREfirst Comes In

All organizations experience barriers to success on a regular basis. How you conquer these barriers is what will set you apart from the competition and put you on a path to growth. HEALTHCAREfirst is dedicated to the success of our customers. From our home health and hospice software and advanced analytics to CAHPS surveys and revenue cycle management services, or a suite that includes it all, we provide the products and services needed for you to thrive in a challenging environment.

The HEALTHCAREfirst Difference

HEALTHCAREfirst gives home health and hospice agencies the solutions they need to achieve peak performance for success.

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