Expert Says The Time to Prepare for Hospice Quality Reporting is Now.

Guest blogger: Becky VanVorst Director of Data Analytics, Deyta

“The great aim of education is not knowledge, but action.” – Herbert Spencer

When I first came across this quote it gave me great pause. The true underlying purpose of education was not to gain previously unknown information?  Hmmm…I thought it was to expand your mind, be in the know, “broaden your horizons” as my father used to say.  Is the true purpose of education really to effect action? Aren’t we all busy enough? And how does this relate to quality hospice measures?

Maybe the English philosopher was on to something in the late 1800s. Coincidentally (or not) this was the same time that hospices began emerging in large numbers throughout the civilized world.

When there already are not enough hours in the day to get the work done, who has time for education without a sound purpose? Moreover, as we move towards October – the start date for data collection for the Comfortable Dying Measure – who has the luxury to learn just for the sake of learning or just “to know the rule”? We need information, we need best practices, and we need to know how to make it work within our own organizations. We need to know what actions we must take. We need to know the quality hospice measures that actually work. And we need to know this now, so we can be ready when the time comes.

Waiting until September will leave us struggling to put systems in place and to demonstrate good performance at the same time – a situation with potentially catastrophic effects. What we need is to prepare now, so come October when we collect the data, we are already looking our best. That means we need to understand the requirements, flesh out data collection systems, set up processes, and most importantly of all: begin using the information effectively to give our patients the highest quality care possible.

Moreover, not only do we need actionable education, but also we need education that is on-target, trustworthy, and timely. Education we can use. Fortunately, that education is increasingly available; and it is our mission to help you find it.  Deyta, LLC, and our expanded education program, offers a variety of topics focusing on the reporting requirements, QAPI, quality measures, and using data to better care for patients and their families.

Deyta’s programs range from broad but actionable overviews of timely topics such as the new NQF endorsed measures to in-depth, multi-session webinar series such as one currently being offered now on the Comfortable Dying Measure. Speakers are industry experts with years of experience in quality assessment, performance improvement and program evaluation. Moreover, several have served as advisors on CMS technical expert panels and have been at the forefront of the quality hospice measures discussions.

Just a little more trivia – one other thing Herbert Spencer coined the phrase “survival of the fittest”. 2013 is just around the corner. Hmmm…sounds like a topic for another day.