EHR software has some exceptional benefits for health care providers that can make a positive impact on workplace efficiency and care quality. Not only can it drastically improve workflow performance and effectiveness, but it also saves significant hours that would otherwise be spent tracking down records, correcting document inaccuracies, and waiting on additional care providers to relay information.

If your home health or hospice agency struggles with handling patient records, you may want to consider purchasing EHR software to streamline the process. Not only does it greatly improve communication between staff members, but it also offers a multitude of additional benefits for both the patient and the care provider.

1. Easy Access to Patient Charts
Whether you’re in the office or in a patient’s home, patient charts are always readily available. This is crucial for any home health care or hospice care provider due to the need for medical information on the go.

2. Improved Note-Taking
It’s no secret that deciphering illegible handwriting can affect workflow. EHR software takes the guesswork out of handwritten documentation and other paperwork to make life easier for everyone.

3. Higher Patient Information Accuracy
Because all records are kept safely in one location, chances of losing patient information or transferring incorrect data due to illegible writing are greatly diminished. This means less time spent on tracking down inaccuracies and more time spent on patient care.

4. Better Coordination Between Multi-Disciplinary Staff
EHR software facilitates the sharing of information across disciplines, enabling better coordination of care. It also allows  staff to easily access electronic records in one place, leading to faster decision-making and a more streamlined workflow.

5. Improved Quality of Care
EHRs have been linked to an increased adherence to evidence-based clinical guidelines. By keeping to those guidelines, patient safety, care effectiveness, and efficiency improve.

6. Increased Revenue
When charting on paper, services performed are often lost and never billed. This may be due to incomplete or erroneous documentation, or poor billing practices. EHR systems provide checks and reminders that help staff ensure that they are compensated fully for the services they provide.


Are you considering purchasing an EHR system for your home health and hospice agency? Don’t do it alone! Have our Home Health EHR Evaluation Guide or Hospice EHR Evaluation Guide handy when evaluating software vendors, so you can be sure you are making the right choice for your business.

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