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5 key elements to revenue cycle management in home health & hospice

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Effective home health and hospice Revenue Cycle Management (RCM) allows you to maintain financial stability, so you can reinvest in growing your agency and serving your patients. Key components to a healthy revenue cycle management cycle include first pass clean claim rates, faster turnaround on claims, quick resolution of ADRs and denials, and tight follow-up and

Actions to Ensure Home Health Regulatory Compliance

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Meet CMS Requirements and Commit to Quality Patient Care Managing ever changing CMS home health regulatory compliance requirements can be a huge burden on home health agencies. Implementing a comprehensive compliance program not only ensures that you meet CMS requirements, but also establishes your commitment to higher ethical standards and quality patient care. According to

Attracting High Value Home Health & Hospice Referrals

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The Importance of Demonstrating Quality Patient Care In today’s world, where information is readily available on the Web, business reviews can be accessed more easily than ever before. With the easy access to both Home Health Compare and Hospice Compare, patients, physicians, and hospitals can now quickly research and select home health and hospice agencies

Benefits of a Single Home Care Business Partner

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Home Care Agencies Experience Quality Service,  Enhanced Integration, and Reduced Overhead Expenses It is important to understand the benefits of a single home care business partner as the home care software and services marketplace is rapidly expanding with more and more vendors offering a wide variety of software and services. The marketplace will continue to attract a steady

Medicare Comparative Billing Reports

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Home Health Business Intelligence Tool is the Perfect Partner. Recently, you may have received a Comparative Billing Report (CBR) from Medicare.  What are they being used for?  And how should they be interpreted and used by home health agencies? Who Produces the Medicare Comparative Billing Report? CMS contracted with two companies to produce these specialized