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Who is Home Care Accountable To?

2017-09-27T03:47:47+07:00October 1, 2012|Archive, Best Practices|

Home Health Software and Tools to Help. Have You Ever Taken a Moment to Try and List All of the People Your Agency is Accountable to?  Of course, as a home care agency you are accountable to your patients, your employees and any owners of your company. But with just a little thought, your list

Reducing Home Health Visits?

2017-09-27T03:48:08+07:00September 28, 2012|Archive, Best Practices|

Utilizing Your Home Health Software for Success. We’ve had some pretty serious payment cuts over the last couple of years and most of the home health leaders I visit with expect more.  I agree. So, how do you deal with this?  Simple...reduce visits.  Before you pick up the phone to advise me of my errant

Home Care Software Implementation Best Practices

2018-04-07T03:56:34+07:00March 27, 2012|Archive, Best Practices|

Home Care Software Implementation Best Practices: Use these best practices for implementing home care software to ensure success. You've selected new Home Health software and/or Hospice software. Now what? Implementing home care software is the next step in the process. This is an area where many agencies excel, while many others have difficulty. You have spent a lot

Home Health Point of Care Software: Barrier or Benefit?

2017-10-07T03:05:17+07:00March 22, 2012|Archive, Best Practices|

As I re-read that title I think, I wonder how many people believe that technology is a barrier to patient care.  Especially given today's environment where adopting Electronic Health Records (EHRs) is becoming so prevalent.  We can thank the federally funded meaningful use programs for the incentives to do so. (Home Health software and Hospice