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Clinical Time Management Strategies

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Clinical Time Management Strategies for Home Health & Hospice Home health and hospice clinicians have greater responsibilities than ever before. Case loads, care needs, and duties vary from day to day, and often the clinician is the only one responsible for making sure that everything is completed correctly and in a timely manner. Clinicians are expected to

Increase Home Health and Hospice Referrals

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Five Step Action Plan As the post-acute care environment becomes increasingly more competitive, solidifying new referral source partnerships and strengthening existing partnerships is a vital aspect of any organization’s success. This Referral Generation Action Plan offers five key steps to identify high-value referral partners and strategically target business development efforts so post-acute care providers can dramatically increase home health and hospice

Hospice CAHPS Vendor Selection: Tips to Help You Choose

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Hospice CAHPS Vendor Selection: Choose wisely. The Hospice CAHPS Vendor Selection process is not easy. Choose a Hospice CAHPS vendor that understands the hospice industry and the challenges that you face. Find a company you can trust and that is responsive to your needs regardless of your agency’s size. Consider how long the vendor has been providing experience of

Hospice Software Checklist

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Cumbersome processes, lack of real-time information, and endless streams of paperwork can slow you down and put your hospice at risk. Selecting the right hospice software will facilitate longterm success by ensuring compliance, streamlining operations, accelerating reimbursement, and improving quality of patient care. Use this comprehensive hospice software checklist to identify important key factors when evaluating new hospice

Hospice Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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What is Hospice Care? Hospice Care provides medical services, emotional care and spiritual support for individuals that have been given a terminal diagnosis in which the physician has identified that the anticipated life-expectancy is less than six months. However, the duration in which a Hospice patient receives Hospice Care varies greatly depending on their choices

Hospice CAHPS Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the Hospice CAHPS Survey? Drawing heavily on questionnaires from the public domain such as the Family Evaluation of Hospice Care (FEHC), CMS implemented a CAHPS® Hospice Survey, also referred to as Hospice CAHPS, to measure the experiences that patients and their caregivers have with hospice care. The survey was developed to: Provide a source