Coding Services: Your Agency’s Answer to “Coder Shortage” and Improving Your Home Health Coding

Accurate coding and documentation are essential to any home health agency’s payment flow. If your coding workload has gotten out of hand, you can’t find experienced coders, or you’re seeing a drop in coding accuracy, you may want to consider partnering with a home health coding company to help alleviate headaches caused by coder shortages.

It’s more important than ever that your agency’s coding and clinical documentation be accurate. If the costs of coding and workflow inefficiencies are preventing you from maintaining accuracy, professional home health coders can step in and avert a potential coding crisis before it happens. By enlisting the help of a home health coding company, your agency will have highly trained, certified coding experts at its disposal who can assist you by streamlining coding operations and improving revenue management. Home health coding services can also reduce the impact of coder retention and prevent backlogs from occurring.

A home health coding partner should also be able to perform OASIS review. Staff should perform a quality review of full chart, including physician orders, care plans/visits, and clinical assessments.

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