Educating Referral Sources on the Value of Hospice Care

November is National Home Care & Hospice Month!

HEALTHCAREfirst is proud to honor the thousands of hospice caregivers across the nation who help to make so many people’s final days a peaceful and comfortable experience.

This month is a perfect opportunity to promote a greater awareness of your services and understanding of hospice among local physicians and other referral sources.  Here are some ways  from the National Association for Home Care & Hospice (NAHC) to increase their appreciation for the value of hospice care:

  • Distribute hospice informational packets to all appropriate physicians.
  • Provide physicians with copies of the thank-you letters your agency receives from patients and family members who have benefited from hospice.
  • Provide a subscription of your newsletter. If you don’t have a newsletter, consider creating a quarterly publication designed specifically for physicians, educating them on the latest developments and advances in hospice.
  • Present a “Physician of the Year” award to the physician who has been the most supportive of hospice in the medical community.
  • Offer to help establish or teach a hospice curriculum at area medical schools. If this is not an option, volunteer to serve as a guest lecturer.
  • Work with teaching hospitals to develop a hospice rotation.
  • Encourage the establishment of a hospice residency program to help new physicians learn more about and gain a greater appreciation for the role of hospice providers.
  • Members of the clergy can also be vital referral sources. Host a clergy day during which you invite members of the clergy to your offices to learn about hospice and the services you provide.

In addition to physicians, you should target private third-party payers, government agencies and health facilities that refer patients to hospice care.

How has your agency been able to educate your referral sources about hospice care?