Errors Reported in 1,400 Hospice PEPPER Reports

Are You Receiving a Corrected Report?

Due to programming errors, approximately 1,400 recently sent PEPPER reports for Hospice will need to be corrected.  They are expected to be sent by Federal Express within the next 4-6 weeks.

So how do you know if you will be receiving a corrected report?  According to the contract, if a hospice has any data in their Q4FY12 PEPPER report for the “Live Discharged” target area report for any of the three time periods (FY 2010, 2011 or 2012), then they will receive a corrected report.  If that area is blank, then they will not receive a corrected report.

Additionally 33 hospices received a PEPPER, but once the data was corrected, do not have any data to report for either target area (Live Discharges or Long Length of Stay) for any time period.  Those hospices will not have a corrected report, but will receive a letter notifying of the this issue and that there is not enough data to generate a corrected report.

The Program for Evaluating Payment Patterns Electronic Report (PEPPER) contains data for target areas often associated with Medicare improper payments due to billing, DRG coding and/or admission necessity issues.  These reports can be used to compare performance to that of other facilities, review comparative target area statistics for the state/jurisdiction/nation and to track and trend statistics to identify changes in billing practices and Medicare reimbursement for CMS target areas.

For more information about the hospice PEPPER reports, visit:  Questions or requests for assistance should be submitted via their website.