Allows Home Health Agencies to Calculate Anticipated Payments.

For the 12th consecutive year, we are pleased to continue to offer the industry’s very first PPS grouper tool, available online at We know there are many of you who are looking at the upcoming rate changes and need to know how they impact your agency. This is an easy method that doesn’t require a download or software installation in order to use it. Even better, it’s free to anyone who would like to use it!

What does PPS Grouper do?
The grouper tool allows you to enter M0090 dates in both 2011 and 2012, along with other key information, to identify the rate as it is and the anticipated rate come 2012.

How does it calculate the rate?
Information regarding the clinical, functional and services scores are entered in addition to information from the assessment to calculate the reimbursement amounts.

How can I access it?
To access the PPS Grouper Tool please visit:

We encourage you to take your agency’s top HIPPS/HHRG scores and calculate the anticipated 2012 payments. As you work on your financial planning for 2012 it will be important for you, and your agency, to understand how these rates will impact your business.