HEALTHCAREfirst 2012 User Conference

Hospice Software Education and Networking.

Back home and reflecting on the fantastic User Conference in San Antonio, I find myself smiling.   I had the pleasure of talking with so many of our hospice customers who are not only advocates for their patients and families but really put every effort into making sure that their patients’ end-of-life experiences are ones that they and their families can feel is special.

During lunch one day I happened upon a group that was talking about how they ensure that their patients have the ability to experience some of their favorites during their end-of-life. They talked about a patient who loved butter pecan ice cream. He wasn’t alert and able to eat it when it was brought to him but they saved it in the freezer. When he was coherent for just a few minutes prior to passing the family quickly brought him some of his favorite ice cream. He had a bit before he lost the ability to do so. I have no doubt that this brought smiles to the family as well as the patient. One that they’re likely still grateful to the hospice for providing.

I’m honored and feel so privileged to be surrounded by such caring people every day in this industry. The education you all share with us is as valuable as we hope you find the educational and networking sessions we provided.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to sit, talk and learn together.