Your EHR is the central nervous system of your agency. Cumbersome processes, lack of real-time information, and a countless amount of paperwork puts your agency at risk for non-compliance and can impact your cash flow as well as the quality of care you provide. Selecting the right home healthcare software features for your business will enable long-term success by ensuring compliance, streamlining operations, accelerating reimbursement and improving quality of patient care.

The key to identifying the best home healthcare or hospice software features for your agency is to look for a partner that offers the solutions most important to your business. For example, is scheduling and point-of-care documentation most important? Or is billing at the top of your list? If you are not sure what home healthcare software features you should look for in an EHR system, consider looking for a company that offers these important features:

  • Web-based system that is fully accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week from anywhere, with or without an internet connection
  • Complete point-of-care functionality that enables field staff to document at the patient’s bedside, saving time and reducing the risk of errors
  • Clinical documentation that flows forward with each visit for all disciplines enabling better care coordination
  • Ongoing quality assurance and regulatory compliance checks designed to protect you from the risk of takebacks, audits, and denied claims

To better help your agency determine the key factors you should be looking for when evaluating software vendors, download these guides. You will find a detailed list of home healthcare and hospice software features and functionality that every EHR must have to ensure your success:

Home Health EHR Evaluation Guide

Hospice EHR Evaluation Guide

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