Hospice Claims RTP’ing with Reason Code 32061

This Just in From CGS.

On April 2, 2013, CGS notified providers through a listserv message that a system problem had been identified which impacted hospice claims (types of bill 81X and 82X). CGS has also determined this is affecting type of bill 34X. These claims were being returned to the provider (RTPd) inappropriately with reason code 32061. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has informed CGS that this edit will be turned off, and contractors can release these claims to continue processing. Providers with claims in status/location T B9997 with reason code 32061 do not need to take any action. CGS is in the process of releasing these claims, and anticipates all claims to be released within the week.

Hospice Claim Reason Codes Returned to Providers
Two of the Medicare Administrative Contractors (MACs) have reported a system issue impacting hospice claims (types of bill 81X and 82X) that are being returned to the provider (RTPd) inappropriately with reason code 32061.  This reason code indicates a split claim is required on all non-PPS bills when the TO date on the claim overlaps the fiscal year end of the provider.

The MACs that have currently reported this are CGS and Palmetto GBA, both of which have posted notices to their claims processing logs on their websites. They hope to have the issue resolved soon. Currently NHIC and NGS have not posted any information on their websites regarding whether or not this is impacting their providers.