Hospice Quality: 3 Tips for Performance Improvement

With increased transparency to the public eye, hospices have an even greater incentive for hospice quality performance improvement, as well as an opportunity to shine in a competitive market. Here are three essential tips that you can use for hospice quality performance improvement.

Utilize Any & All Available Hospice Quality Performance Improvement Reporting Data

It is essential for hospices to really understand the data that is available to them, and utilize all that they can to make better decisions for performance improvement. This data includes:

Hospice Item Set (HIS)-Based Measures

  • National averages
  • CASPER reports
  • Vendor or EHR reports
  • Internal reports and comparisons

Hospice CAHPS-based Measures

  • National averages
  • Survey vendor reports
  • Internal reports & comparisons

Now that Hospice CAHPS-based measures have been added to Hospice Compare, all the above information provides good, detailed data that you can incorporate into your QAPI program to develop performance improvement projects.

Go Beyond Compliance Requirements

One of the most critical needs that hospices have when it comes to having a robust hospice quality reporting program is true, in-depth data analysis. This can be achieved by drilling down into data, going beyond the CCN-level score, and really understanding what’s driving performance. Having the ability to drill down and look at results reported by both discharge date and admission date is key to getting to the core of operations.

Partner with a Proven Vendor

It is important to partner with a proven vendor that offers detailed data analysis and a complete suite of reports that enable you to quickly identify the key drivers of your performance. Additionally, vendor reporting allows you the ability to track and trend your performance so that you can proactively address issues and continue to improve.

How Does Your Hospice Compare?

Now is the time to ensure your hospice quality intiatives are effective by leveraging data to develop performance improvement projects for ensured success. Utilize this worksheet to see how your hospice agency compares to the national averages from the Deyta Analytics database.

The HEALTHCAREfirst Difference

Powered by Deyta Analytics, HEALTHCAREfirst provides industry leading, patient-level quality improvement solutions for hospice. We offer systems, services, and support for data-driven management of operations and improved quality of patient care while simplifying compliance with regulatory requirements. Want to learn more? Contact us to speak with one of our hospice quality experts to discover which solutions will work best for you.