You’ve selected new home care software whether it be home health software and/or hospice software. Now what? The next step in the process is Implementing Home Care Software. This is an area where there are many agencies that excel, and others that feel completely overwhelmed. You’ve spent a lot of effort to find the perfect home care software solution for your business. Now that you’ve got it, what do you do with it? Some agencies proceed thinking, “Now I’ll get trained and I’ll be on my way.” However, that’s not all that is involved.

Here are some suggestions on ensuring that Implementing Home Care Software goes smoothly and without hiccups, thus ensuring that your agency and staff are successful product users.

Engage your team early in the deployment process. Share with them all of the wonderful ways the system will help them. Acknowledge that it will be change, and it will take effort, but as an organization you’re committed to making it successful. To do so, you need their help. Encourage them to embrace and evolve with the changes. The end results will help them, the agency and most importantly, your patients.

What “has been” doesn’t have to be what “IS.” (Look at your processes… now is a great time to change them and make them work even better!) Align your processes and people to exploit the best aspects of your new software. Just be careful of trying to change too much at one time.

Going from paper to electronic is a big change. Try to keep in mind that it’s not always appropriate to do/keep all of the same paper processes and procedures as you move into the electronic world.

Ask your vendor for their recommendations and suggestions. They’ve helped hundreds of agencies implement their solution. What are the things they’ve seen work? What things have they seen that didn’t work out so well? This will help you make more informed decisions.

Implementing a new system takes effort. In many cases you’ve put a significant investment in selecting a home-care software vendor. Rushing or short-changing the implementation process can take your beautiful new system that you worked so hard to select and leave you with less than optimal results. A solidly configured system that is used well by your users will increase your ROI and likely, the happiness of your organization.

Support your implementation team. Generally, agencies don’t have people on-staff that are able to focus all of their time on the software implementation. Ensure that the individuals who are working on the project and leading the internal efforts have Executive support and are empowered to make decisions. Take time to make sure they feel appreciated.

Expect a couple of bumps. What major change doesn’t involve at least a bump or two? This doesn’t mean to expect a derailment but do expect a couple of bumps. If they don’t happen, that’s awesome! If you see a “bump” in the road coming, call it out. Determine a mitigation plan. Can you take a “detour?” Should you “slow down” so you don’t hit it at 75mph? Making informed decisions will help you and your agency minimize the overall effects of the bump.

Chart your progress. Celebrate the milestones as an agency. It’s exciting to be implementing something new!

At the conclusion of your implementation you will look back and recognize some lessons learned, but more importantly see a more efficient and better ability to focus on patient care, not on paperwork.

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