Increasing Profits with Home Care Advertising

The Power of SEO.

I work with a local home care business in Cincinnati, Ohio called Family Bridges. The one thing that they were doing was using Google Advertising which is better known as Google Adwords to advertise their services for the local area on the search engine.

But when I came along, I realized that they weren’t using it to the best advantage and there are some things that I did to make sure the ads were profitable. So I wanted to share some tips on how you can better use Google Adwords for larger profit margins.

  1. The first thing that you should do if your home care business is only serving the local markets is to make sure the ads are only served up to people in your city. Google can handle this by tracking searchers IP address and serve up your ads for local IPs. That way you aren’t paying for ads that won’t bring leads. As shown in the photo, I selected my region and typed in my city.Home Care
  2. Next, you want to select keywords that are focused to your industry such as “home care”, “home health care”, “assisted living”, “elder care”, “senior care”, and etc. That way you get highly targeted leads that are looking for your exact services. So you are only paying for ads when someone types in relevant search terms.
  3. The first two tips are the very basics, so I wanted to dig deeper to monitor the exact keywords that were delivering potential leads. Most new customers that come in through the website, happen when they first use our contact form. So I used Google analytics to detect which keywords from the paid ads were actually filling out the contact form. Google analytics is a free traffic reporting software which will report all types of data on how people are finding and using your website. All you have to do is grab the code after sign up and enter it into header area of all your web pages. Have your webmaster implement it if needed.

There are a few more steps involved to get this working. First, you will need to create a static thank you page which the visitor is taken to after they fill out the contact form.

After you collect a month or two of data by running your Google Ads, you can log into Google Analytics and see which keywords are effective enough to have them contact you. Do this by clicking on the “Standard Reporting” tab and navigating the following path:

Traffic Sources > Content > All Pages

Then click on the page that you created which the visitor is directed to after they submit through the contact form. Once here, select a Secondary dimension as “Medium”. This allows you to see where the traffic came from that filled out the page. For Google Ads, this will be the “CPC” medium which means “cost per click” ads.

To find out what keywords the searcher used for the CPC ad campaign, under Primary Dimension, select “Traffic Sources” and then “Keyword”. As shown below, this screenshot displays what keywords were used through a specific “Medium” to find the website before contacting you.

Homecare Analytics

This is helpful because we can find out what keywords are effective at driving leads or sales. So we can use this data to stop paying for the less effective keywords and invest more into the ones that convert into leads through the contact form. Usually when people contact you, they are interested in your services and when they don’t, it typically means that they were not relevant enough.  Using this strategy can be very effective at increasing profit margins and saving thousands of dollars for your home care business.

Another way to do this is to use Conversion Goals inside Google Analytics which could be another post in the future if people are interested.

If this was helpful or if you have any questions for your home care business, please leave a comment below. I will try to answer anyone’s questions.

Guest Blogger | Eric W of Family Bridges

Article written by Eric W. He is currently a dedicated home care professional residing in Cincinnati, Ohio and the webmaster of Family Bridges.