Making Hospice Compliant: A Hospice Software Partner Can Make a World of Difference.

Fraud.  Non-Compliance.  Failed Survey.  None of these are words you want to hear associated with making your hospice compliant, especially in this day and age of increased competition and payment cuts.  It seems like there has been story after story in the industry of agencies committing Medicare fraud, and everyone has the fear of having to close their doors because they weren’t following Medicare guidelines and had payments taken back.

Whether it’s intentional deceptive activity or a staff’s lack of knowledge, wouldn’t it be great if your EMR software could help you stay on top of potential red flags and harmful activity?  One of the benefits of switching from a paper charting system to an electronic system is that you shouldn’t have to work as hard to make sure your agency is compliant.

Many software vendors employ regulatory compliance teams dedicated to staying up-to-date on the ever changing regulations.  While you should still have an expert on your staff to help interpret the rules and write agency policies, having a hospice software partner you can trust will help make these tasks less cumbersome.

NHPCO has recently posted a list of the Top 10 Hospice Compliant Deficiencies cited on agency surveys for the 2011-2012 fiscal year.  They have a great compliance audit tool that addresses each of those items and ways an agency can ensure they are meeting standards.  I encourage your agency to use this document to walk through your EMR program and make sure you have the tools necessary to run a successful agency and pass your next survey with flying colors.

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