Home Health & Hospice Mobile App

Alerts, Schedule and Instant Messaging for Home Health & Hospice Agencies.

You’re out making patient visits and you realize that you need to call one of the patients you visited this morning to check in on them. But… you don’t know their phone number.  You could:

  1. Call the office (using a hands-free device) and ask someone to look it up for you.  Maybe have them text it to you as you drive so you don’t need to pull over to write it down. (We know you wouldn’t write and drive! )
  2. Pull over, or before you go into your next visit, pull up your laptop/tablet to look up the patient’s phone number.
  3. Pull over, or before you go into your next visit, use the HEALTHCAREfirst Mobile app on either an Android or iPhone to quickly look up the patient’s phone number.

I like option 3 the best. Even if you don’t have the application installed, you’ll have the patient’s phone number on your screen in about a minute and a half.  It’s about a minute to find & download the app and then say 15-30 seconds to login and find your patient.

The HEALTHCAREfirst Mobile app was launched earlier this year.  Since then, hundreds of firstHOSPICE and firstHOMECARE users have downloaded and begun using the tool.  You can get access to information such as:

  • Alerts, similar to those you see when you log into firstHOSPICE or firstHOMECARE.
  • Your Schedule, including the patient’s phone number, address, and type of visit your scheduled to make.
  • Instant Messaging so you can talk with folks back in the office or other members of the patient’s care team. Talk about increasing communication!

The great news about this HIPAA compliant App is it’s available to anyone who has an Enterprise firstHOSPICE or firstHOMECARE login — At no additional charge! Just download, login, and GO!

Search the Android Marketspace or iPhone App Store today and get access to your hospice & home health software, on the go! For more information or help with downloading the App please contact customer support.!

Are you looking for a home health or hospice software solution that works where you work? How you work? Look no further! HEALTHCAREfirst has a suite of products available to help you manage your business. Contact us today for more information!