NGS Sets Up Electronic Cost Report Filing

Dedicated Mailbox Set Up for J6 Home Health & Hospice Providers.

Medicare Administrative Contractor NGS recently created a dedicated mailbox for J6 providers to submit their cost report information electronically. All J6 Home health and Hospice providers should receive a copy of the following letter in the mail, if they have not already.

NGS noted in the letter that it will still be necessary for providers to mail in their signed certification page with encryptions and the signed 339 questionnaire. Your cost report will still not be deemed as received until NGS receives the signed signatures in the mail.

HEALTHCAREfirst will continue to monitor if the other Medicare Administrative Contractors CGS and Palmetto GBA plan on following suit.

CGS’ website contains the following current FAQ regarding cost reports.

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  1. Tom Boyd - May 10, 2015

    The NGS electronic cost report (and supporting documents) submission may not be that much of a help. The providers will still need to sign and submit two signatures, one with encryptions, and the cost report is not accepted until the signatures are received. NGS will have to cross match the signed documents to the cost report.

    Given the CMS and MAC problems with PS&R, credit balance reports, e-mails and most every other form of electronic communications I will remain a “doubting Thomas”.

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