NQF-endorsed Measures

Beginning with FY 2014, hospices will be required to report the following quality measures to CMS using the Hospice Item Set (HIS); a standardized data collection instrument. Measures include 6 NQF-endorsed measures and 1 modified NQF measure.

NQF MeasureDescription
1617: Patients treated with an Opioid who are given a bowel regimenPercentage of vulnerable adults treated with an opioid that are offered/prescribed a bowel regimen or documentation of why this was not needed.
1634: Pain ScreeningPercentage of hospice or palliative care patients who were screened for pain during the hospice admission evaluation/palliative care initial encounter.
1637: Pain AssessmentPercentage of hospice or palliative care patients who screened positive for pain and who received a clinical assessment of pain within 24 hours of screening.
1638: Dyspnea TreatmentPercentage of patients who screened positive for dyspnea who received treatment within 24 hours of screening.
1639: Dyspnea ScreeningPercentage of hospice or palliative care patients who were screened for dyspnea during the hospice admission evaluation/ palliative care initial encounter.
1641: Treatment PreferencesPercentage of patients with documentation of preferences for life sustaining treatments.
1647 (Modified): Documentation of a discussion of spiritual/ religious concernsPercentage of hospice patients with a discussion of spiritual/religious concerns, or documentation that the patient/caregiver/family did not want to discuss.