Improve bereavement services using survey feedback

2019-10-25T01:29:34+07:00March 1, 2019|News|

Administering a hospice bereavement program is a requirement by Medicare. However, it’s not a requirement to collect and analyze feedback on your program. But don't think that means you shouldn't do it! The most successful hospices know that it’s something that every agency should do to improve bereavement services and provide the best care possible.

Bereavement surveys: A key to superior hospice care

2019-10-25T01:29:34+07:00February 21, 2019|News|

By providing an exceptional bereavement services program, as a hospice, you have an opportunity to further reinforce your mission and strengthen the likelihood that bereaved clients will become advocates of your work within your community. A first step to understanding the impact of your program is to measure and benchmark client engagement and satisfaction. This

Hospice bereavement services program: A data-driven approach to success

2019-10-25T01:38:28+07:00February 8, 2019|News|

While it's a Medicare requirement that hospices make bereavement services available to the family and others identified in the bereavement care plan, the value of a hospice bereavement services program goes well beyond mere compliance. A hospice bereavement services program is both an important responsibility and a great opportunity. That being said, it’s important to