Hospice software checklist

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Cumbersome processes, lack of real-time information, and endless streams of paperwork can slow you down and put your hospice at risk. Selecting the right hospice software will facilitate longterm success by ensuring compliance, streamlining operations, accelerating reimbursement, and improving quality of patient care. Use this comprehensive hospice software checklist to identify important key factors when evaluating new hospice

Home care software purchasing checklist

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Home Health Software Purchasing Checklist It is important to choose a home health software vendor who is right for your business. The software you select should help your agency streamline operations, accelerate reimbursement and improve patient outcomes. That’s why we’ve taken the time to list many of the key factors that our customers and other

A guide to home health value-based purchasing

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BACKGROUND In recent years, the Medicare home health program has grown quickly, both in cost and the number of patients served. In 2009, 3.3 million Medicare beneficiaries received Medicare home health services, resulting in $18.9 billion in Medicare payments. While the Medicare home health program continues to expand, there is mounting concern that the existing