Five Tips for a Successful Home Health or Hospice EHR Implementation

2018-02-02T03:48:15+07:00January 23, 2018|News|

Does the thought of a home health or hospice EHR implementation sound daunting? If you said yes, you’re not alone. Sometimes, home health and hospice agencies identify imperfections in their systems and processes that lead them to explore the idea of making an EHR software change. Sometimes agencies are stuck in a sub-optimized infrastructure, not

Choosing Home Health EHRs: Unearthing the Value to Patient Care

2018-04-03T01:36:04+07:00September 22, 2017|News|

Adopting new technologies can be intimidating, particularly in fields where users are expected to spend most of their time on interpersonal interactions. Care providers in home health settings must be able to put their time and attention on their patients, and complex, difficult-to-use home health EHRs can prove problematic. Choosing Home Health EHRs can be a

Home Health Clinicians: Don’t Let Your EHR Get in the Way

2017-12-19T02:24:45+07:00September 15, 2017|News|

Health care technology has gone through a revolution in recent years, but the results aren't all good. Reports about physicians being so distracted by electronic health records that they can't give patients face time abound, and the home health sector isn't immune to this trend. With varied stakeholders involved in patient interactions, home health clinicians

Home Health EHR Innovation Essential in Achieving Patient Care Gains

2018-03-20T03:21:53+07:00May 1, 2017|News|

Home Health EHR innovation has long been heralded as technology that can enable clinical staff members to put a greater emphasis on patient care. While rapid EHR deployment across the health care sector has allowed for considerable technological change, the patient care improvements have been uneven. However, continued advances in data management, integration and communication

Home Health Document Management Solutions

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When it comes to digitizing your home healthcare agency, it's important to know just what kind of innovative home health document management solutions are available. As the healthcare industry moves into the future, technology moves with it. Essential documents no longer need to be filed away in drawers; they can be pulled up in seconds

6 Powerful Benefits of EHR Software

2017-12-19T03:23:25+07:00February 1, 2017|News|

EHR software has some exceptional benefits for health care providers that can make a positive impact on workplace efficiency and care quality. Not only can it drastically improve workflow performance and effectiveness, but it also saves significant hours that would otherwise be spent tracking down records, correcting document inaccuracies, and waiting on additional care providers

Home Health & Hospice Healthcare IT Benefits

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Home health & hospice healthcare IT (Information Technology) is quickly improving the safety and efficiency of the health delivery system. Technology is changing the healthcare industry for the better, as medical professionals are able to provide better quality care using electronic health records. Healthcare Information Technology (HIT) is an umbrella term that encapsulates the management