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Medical billing outsourcing for home health and hospice: a growing trend

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In today’s challenging environment, many providers are looking for smart ways to realize cost efficiencies, reduce spending, and address value-based care initiatives. They are also looking for opportunities to work with industry experts who can help them succeed while they focus on patient care. One way agencies can address these issues is through medical billing

Home health care billing best practices

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Home health care billing processes are becoming increasingly more complicated. And with the Patient-Driven Groupings Model (PDGM) looming, it's only going to get more intricate. Implementing home health care billing best practices in your office will provide the framework for success so you can be sure you’re getting paid quickly and accurately. An efficient billing

Medicare Billing for Home Health & Hospice: Important Tips for Success

2019-03-08T04:09:47+07:00June 27, 2017|News|

Home health and hospice agencies are feeling the pressure of Medicare billing combined with increased expenses. Medicare billing errors can lead to denials and reduced cash flow. However, by knowing how to reduce errors in advance, you realize the far reaching benefits of improved accuracy, accelerated reimbursement, and better patient outcomes. Tips for Making Your

Working with home health and hospice commercial payers

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Medicare continues to reduce payments, forcing home health and hospice agencies to look for other ways to maintain revenue and profits. One alternative source of revenue to consider is commercial payers. To be successful when working with commercial (private insurance) payers your agency will need to be organized and well prepared. Here are some recommendations to help you get started.

7 Tips to Reduce Home Health Billing Errors

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It’s important to know what is going on at your home health agency at all times, especially when it comes to the business and financial issues. Home health billing errors can cost your agency a significant amount in penalties and fees. Luckily, we’ve outlined several ways for you to mitigate home health billing errors and