Hospice Quality Reporting

3 Strategies for Hospice Quality Performance Improvement

2019-04-05T19:22:55+07:00June 7, 2018|News|

With increased transparency to the public eye, hospices have an even greater incentive for hospice quality performance improvement, as well as an opportunity to shine in a competitive market. Here are three essential tips that you can use for hospice quality performance improvement. 1. Utilize Any & All Available Hospice Quality Performance Improvement Reporting Data

Hospice Compare is Now Live

2018-05-30T19:15:29+07:00August 17, 2017|News|

As anticipated, today CMS launched Hospice Compare, a website that reports information on hospices that enables patients, family members, and health care providers to learn more about the quality of care each hospice provides. Utilizing CMS’ official Hospice Compare datasets, Hospices can be evaluated based on quality indicators such as the percentage of patients checked

FY 2018 Hospice Final Rule Published

2018-03-20T22:23:58+07:00August 4, 2017|News|

On August 1, 2017, CMS published the FY 2018 Hospice Final Rule. In the final rule, Medicare hospice payments, adjusted for inflation and other factors, will increase an estimated 1% or an estimated $180 million in 2018. This is in comparison to the 2017 final rule, which included a 2.1% increase, or $350 million, in payments.

CMS Releases FY2018 Hospice Proposed Rule

2018-05-30T19:33:39+07:00May 10, 2017|News|

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) recently released the FY2018 Hospice Proposed Rule. The rule proposes that the overall payments for Hospice providers increase by 1% ($180 Million). Additionally, the Hospice cap amount for the 2018 cap year would be $28,689.04. In addition to the cap and payment updates, the rule solicits comments regarding