The Importance of Mobile Accessibility for Home Care

Benefits of a Home Health Mobile Solution.

The challenges that home health providers face these days are immense and there are many competing priorities. Utilizing a mobile solution for your software application in the field has many advantages for your agency, your clinicians, and your patients. Following are some of the key features to look for in a solution with mobile accessibility, as well as the benefits you’ll see.

Caring for Your Agency

A mobile solution for home health should facilitate workflows that are conducive to faster and more compliant care documentation. The resulting advantages to your home health agency include:

  • Positive patient outcomes
  • Improved survey results
  • Minimizes audit risks and take backs
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Better care coordination

Caring for Your Clinicians

Enabling clinicians and other field staff to quickly and easily access necessary data from anywhere and at any time encourages compliance and better efficiency. With the ability to use a mobile solution that automatically syncs to the back office, clinicians can spend more time in the field caring for patients and less time on paperwork. Mobile solutions offer tremendous advantages to clinicians, including:

  • Automated care plan guidance
  • Clinical best practice and regulatory compliance using nationally recognized standards
  • Patient-associated tasks
  • Personal schedule, contacts, and location favorites for quick reference
  • Ease of access to contacts, patient information, and agency data
  • Electronic capture of multiple signatures

Caring for Your Patients

The goal of any mobile solution is to allow you to put patients before paperwork. A mobile solution encourages your staff to provide the best possible care for your patients through:

  • Nationally recognized care plan content
  • Comprehensive care coordination support
  • Improved safety including positive patient identification and expanded medication checks

HEALTHCAREfirst has released a mobile solution developed exclusively for home health care providers that drives excellence in core clinical documentation and provides extraordinary support for your clinicians. With auto-syncing functionality and COMPLIANCEfirst Clinical Best Practices Guidance, your agency will enjoy the benefits of an innovative, yet easy-to-use system designed to put patients before paperwork. Contact us today to learn how our mobile solution can radically change the way you provide patient care for the better.