Top Ten Hospice Survey Deficiencies for FY2014

Hospice Survey Compliance Update.

Each year, CMS’ Survey and Certification group identifies the most frequent hospice survey deficiencies named during hospice Medicare recertifications. Following are the top ten deficiencies as noted by CMS from 2014. Understanding these deficiencies, and how to address them, is a vital factor in achieving regulatory compliance for all hospices.

418.56(b) – Plan of Care (L543)
418.56(c) – Content of the Plan of Care (L545)
418.76(h) – Drug Profile (L530)

418.76(h) – Supervision of Hospice Aides (L629)
418.54 – Update of the Comprehensive Assessment (L533)
418.56(e)(2) – Coordination of Services (L555)
418.56(c)(2) – Content of the Plan of Care (L547)
418.56(d) – Review of the Plan of Care (L552)
418.54(b) – Timeframe for Completion of the Comprehensive Assessment (L523)
418.58 – Quality Assessment & Performance Improvement (L560)

For the appendix from the State Operations Manual that provides guidance to surveyors for hospice, and includes definitions of each guideline , click here.

Beginning in April, the IMPACT Act of 2014 requires that hospices be surveyed once every three years. Your hospice software should be a key component for maintaining survey compliance. For more information about how HEALTHCAREfirst can help you stay compliant, contact us today.


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  1. Jordan - July 21, 2015

    Good to have a list on things that need to be worked on in hospice care. It’s important to see how clients feel their needs are being met or not. Thanks for sharing!

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