Updated CMS Quarterly OASIS Q&A Now Available for Home Health

Home Health OASIS Q&A Update.

Home health agencies should note that CMS recently published the January 2015 Quarterly OASIS Q&A which included several guidance clarifications on the following M items:

  • M102 Date of Physician-ordered Start of Care (Resumption of Care)
  • M1046 Influenza Vaccine Received
  • M1051 Pneumococcal Vaccine
  • M1056 Reason Pneumococcal Vaccine not received
  • M1340 Does this patient have a Surgical Wound?
  • M1740 Cognitive, behavioral, and psychiatric symptoms that are demonstrated at least once a week (Reported or Observed)
  • M1900 Prior Functioning ADL/IADL
  • M2102 Types and Sources of Assistance

Full details on the clarifications provided can be accessed here.