Deyta, LLC is unveiling its new brand later this month as an exhibitor at the 2013 NHPCO Clinical Team Conference and Pediatric Intensive in Kansas City, MO.

Louisville, KY (PRWEB) September 19, 2013  HEALTHCAREfirst‘s Deyta, LLC is unveiling its new brand later this month as an exhibitor at the 2013 NHPCO Clinical Team Conference and Pediatric Intensive in Kansas City, MO. In addition, Deyta will be demonstrating its High Definition Success Guidance System which guides agencies to better decisions and substantial improvement with high definition clarity throughout the entire enterprise.

“We are excited to introduce our customers and prospective customers to our new brand and new High Definition Success Guidance System,” said J. Kevin Porter, President and CEO. “We are committed to creating innovative solutions to help hospices stay ahead of the curve and our new solutions will do just that.”

The 2013 NHPCO Clinical Team Conference and Pediatric Intensive brings together industry experts, hospice leaders, all disciplines of the interdisciplinary team, and 70 vendors to receive customized education, discuss the answers to today’s most challenging issues, and solve complex problems with innovative solutions. With a focus on “Innovation and Excellence”, the event features five nationally recognized plenary speakers. Deyta’s Robin Finkelstein, Director of Implementation and Consulting, will be joined by Community Hospice of Northeast Florida’s Mary McElroy, Vice President of Clinical Services and Chief Nursing Officer, to present “Improving the Hospice Experience For Patients And Families With Innovative Intentional Visit And Communications Models” which promises to provide an insightful look at the intentional visit design and communication model. Robin’s session will be held in the Pershing East Room at the Westin, on September 27 at 11:00am. In addition, Sue Zimmerman, Deyta’s Product Manager and section chair for NHPCO’s NCHPP QAPI Section, is co-presenting with other NCHPP section chairs “Leaning Into Tough Times: Shifting Your Hospice Team Out of Resistance and Into New Possibilities”, a session focusing on solutions that address core issues preventing positive change for agencies in the changing hospice environment. Sue’s session will be held in the Century Ballroom B at the Westin on September 26 at 10:15am.

Many NHPCO members partner with Deyta to improve patient care quality and are loyal followers of Deyta’s educational offerings. Deyta invites members to Booth #314 to learn about the latest on hospice quality requirements and how Deyta can help. Members will receive a free copy of the “Hospice Experience of Care Survey Guide” and the “Guide to the Hospice Information Set Requirement”.

About Deyta, LLC Deyta’s software and services for Home Health and Hospice agencies provide high definition answers with precision guidance derived from mountains of meaningless, missing and often misleading data. We eliminate uncertainty and unravel complex problems to clearly understand what is important and what to do about it.

  •     Better satisfy patients and their families.
  •     Attract more high-value referrals.
  •     Improve total operational and clinical quality.
  •     Create enterprise efficiencies and cost control.
  •     Elevate the success in every aspect of your organization.

Deyta can help your whole agency improve, whether you are doing customer satisfaction surveys, trying to get value from an EMR, thinking about a CRM or searching to find and compare yourself to national benchmarks and best practices. We bridge gaps in data, systems and knowledge with deep, consolidated, integrated decision improvement support from the entire enterprise data ecosystem in order to guide you to elevated results.