New Version Contains New Standardized Items.

OASIS-C2 is scheduled for implementation on January 1, 2017, to comply with requirements for standardized, cross-setting measures for post-acute care under the IMPACT Act of 2014. The Act requires CMS to develop standardized assessment data and quality measures across the post-acute care settings that include inpatient rehabilitation facilities (IRFs), skilled nursing facilities (SNFs), long term care hospitals (LTCHs) and home health agencies (HHA).

Home health agencies must begin reporting measures related to changes in skin integrity, medication reconciliation, and resource use starting January 1, 2017.

Key components of the OASIS-C2 include:

  • This version includes three new standardized items M1028 (Active diagnoses, comorbidities and co-existing conditions), M1060 (Height and weight), and GC0170c (Functional abilities and goals at SOC/ROC). It also includes modification to and renumbering of select medication and integumentary items to standardize with other post-acute settings of care including M1311 (Current number of unhealed pressure ulcers at each stage), M1313 (Worsening in pressure ulcer status since SOC/ROC), M2001 (Drug regimen review), M2003 (Medication follow-up) and M2005 (Medication intervention).
  • The look back periods and item numbers were changed in five items M1500 (Symptoms in heart failure patients), M1510 (Heart failure follow-up), M2015 (Patient/caregiver drug education intervention), M2300 (Emergent care) and M2400 (Intervention synopsis) to M1501 (Symptoms in heart failure patients), M1511 (Heart failure follow-up), M2016 (Patient/caregiver drug education intervention), M2301 (Emergent care), and M2401 (Intervention synopsis).
  • Formatting changes were made to convert multiple check boxes to a single box, where responses are mutually-exclusive, and to change the numbering for pressure ulcer staging from Roman to Arabic numerals.OASIS-C2

CMS has recently posted a draft of the OASIS that will be used next year, which contains new standardized items along with other changes. The complete set of OASIS-C2 data items can be found here.