Springfield, Mo. – February 16, 2016HEALTHCAREfirst, the leading provider of Web-based home health and hospice software, outsourced billing and coding services, and Deyta Analytics, recently announced the release of their Complete Solution Suite for Home Health and Hospice Agencies.

“HEALTHCAREfirst is the only company in the home health and hospice industry to offer a complete Solution Suite for an extremely affordable fixed cost that aligns perfectly with an agency’s three most significant priorities: accelerated and accurate payments, maximum regulatory compliance, and improved quality of patient care,” said Bobby Robertson, HEALTHCAREfirst President and CEO. “By streamlining the workflow between technology, chart auditing, revenue cycle management, and actionable patient satisfaction, we’ve truly created a very unique and special offering….all from a single trusted vendor.”

Each Solution Suite includes a combination of software, services, and analytics designed to work together to help agencies maximize reimbursement, ensure regulatory compliance, and elevate patient care quality.

Agency Management Software: Web-based software that includes a mobile point-of-care solution accessible from anywhere, at any time.
Billing Services: Experience fewer billing errors and increased cash flow through outsourced Medicare and private insurance billing.
Coding & OASIS Review Services: Ensure the accuracy of each episode so you are paid the maximum amount for the services you provide.
Data Analytics: Improve quality and efficiency with real-time insight into your OASIS, receivables, and revenue.
Payer Connectivity: Enjoy real-time, high-speed payer connection, simplifying the eligibility verification processes.
Quality Actionboards: Gain powerful analysis and reporting of performance on Hospice Item Set quality measures.
Home Health & Hospice CAHPS: Save administrative time while driving performance improvement with automated file processing, survey administration, and analysis.

Interested agencies should visit www.healthcarefirst.com, email sales@healthcarefirst.com, or call 800.841.6095 to learn more about HEALTHCAREfirst’s Home Health and/or Hospice Solution Suites.