(Louisville, KY – June 26, 2012) Deyta, LLC has introduced the “Comfortable Dying Measure Starter Toolkit,” a free toolkit that helps hospices accurately record patient information and calculate data elements that must be reported to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for all new hospice patients beginning October 1, 2012.

The Comfortable Dying measure is the first hospice quality indicator that must be reported to CMS in response to the Affordable Care Act. The downloadable, Excel-based tool includes data entry and reporting capabilities, as well as instructions, measure protocols and implementation details. It automatically generates the CMS-reportable data elements and calculates results monthly and quarterly. The Toolkit is also consistent with the data capture of Deyta’s Quality Navigator, a complete clinical quality measurement and benchmarking system, which facilitates a transition to more robust data-driven management beyond the Comfortable Dying measure.

The Comfortable Dying Measure Toolkit, implementation resources, and registration for the free webinars are available at www.healthcarefirst.com.