Good hospice care and service doesn’t stop when the patient dies, and neither should your quality improvement efforts. With the potential for a full 12-month relationship with hospice families, bereavement services are both a significant responsibility and a great opportunity.

Through an effective bereavement program, you reinforce the unique mission of hospice to care for both the patient and family. You often strengthen the likelihood that those well-cared-for family members will become advocates of hospice and supporters of your work in the community. A first step to understanding the impact of your bereavement program is measuring caregiver satisfaction using the Family Evaluation of Bereavement Services (FEBS) survey.

Improve Bereavement Program Effectiveness by Gaining Meaningful Insights from Bereaved Clients

With the Family Evaluation of Bereavement Services (FEBS) survey, bereavement leaders gain valuable feedback about what’s working and what’s not. Highlights of our program include:

  • Insightful benchmarking and a consistent assessment of your bereavement services to incorporate into your ongoing QAPI program.
  • Flexible, timely reports presented with rapid turnaround.
  • Easy-to-read and actionable analysis for understanding performance and integrating results into improvement initiatives.
  • Transcribed survey comments grouped by topic and type for timely response to survey feedback.
  • Focused training to help integrate satisfaction results into your bereavement program planning.

Request more information to learn how your hospice can leverage the FEBS survey to improve your bereavement program.