Available with our EHR software systems, firstHOMECARE and firstHOSPICE, the Forcura interface allows agencies to electronically manage inbound and outbound documentation for referrals, intake, and orders, eliminating administrative burdens while ensuring accurate, compliant documentation.

Intake & Referral Management

Create better experiences for patients, referral sources, and staff by driving referrals, authorizations, and labs directly into the EHR for easier management and faster processing while saving money.

  • Enterprise Electronic Fax Engine: Eliminate telecommunication costs and accept referral documentation directly in the EHR, reducing intake costs by an average of $12 per patient.
  • Centralized Document Routing & Comprehensive Work Queue: Manage referral and intake documentation in one place, enabling staff from any location to process documents in an organized, efficient manner. The result is a time savings of up to 40%.
  • Custom Reporting: Gain valuable insights on staff productivity, document processing time, and number of referrals at any stage of the intake process. Capture the metrics that matter most to you on your dashboard and export them with one click.

Orders Tracking

Track all outbound and inbound order documentation with instant notifications when an order is returned for faster approval and turnover for billing.

  • Automated Document Follow-Up: Based on escalation level or days outstanding, documents are automatically resent, improving turnaround and ensuring that documents aren’t missed.
  • Barcode Document Tracking: When signed documents are returned, they are routed through Forcura where they are instantly reconciled and a real-time alert is sent notifying staff that they are ready for approval.
  • Custom Reporting: Easily monitor documentation stages from a comprehensive dashboard and be more efficient and effective by focusing efforts on the most critical or outstanding documents.

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