Share the Home Care and Hospice Message at Every Opportunity.

In the May 2012 edition of NHPCO’s NewsLine the cover article was, “Be Prepared With the Right Elevator Pitch“.

Lately I’m hearing more and more people talk about their Home Care and Hospice Message as an “elevator pitch.”  So what exactly is an elevator pitch?

An elevator pitch is a short (30 second to 2 minute) statement that conveys to the individual(s) you’re sharing it with a short summary of an idea, concept, product, service or problem. The phrase “elevator pitch” was derived from the idea that your Home Care and Hospice message should take no longer to share than it takes to ride up or down an elevator.

Why should you have one, or two, or five elevator pitches? Have you ever walked away from a conversation and later thought, “I wish I would have told them about…. ” or “Another great point would have been…” I know I have. For me, it most often happens with someone I likely won’t have an opportunity to follow up with again.

This is where having something that you’ve already prepared or thought about can help. You can organize your thoughts for a time where you may be with an influencer or potential decision maker. In our environment that could be a family member of an individual who’s terminal, a potential patient, a potential nurse/social worker or other discipline of care who’s thinking about becoming a hospice or home health caregiver, an investor, a potential donor or an elected official who perhaps doesn’t know the criticality of homecare & hospice in today’s communities.

Each of these people may require a different elevator pitch. The NewsLine article provides wonderful examples that you can use to help create your own.  In today’s ever changing healthcare environment it’s important that we all remain on our toes and be ready to share the homecare & hospice message at every opportunity.

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