Home Care Operational Weaknesses Causing Your Sleep Loss?

I have periods of time when I don’t get a good night’s sleep and I would bet that most of you do also.  Why is this? I believe it’s because we care.  As home health and hospice agencies you care about your patients/customers, your employees, the thoroughness of your work, the efficiency of your work, new regulations, cash flow and more. When we care about something that isn’t working the way it should, like home care operational weaknesses, the wheels in our mind start turning and we can’t sleep.

Take a moment to write down a list of your agency’s top three home care operational weaknesses. A few top concerns for home health and hospice companies might be:

  • Clinicians improperly documenting and putting your business at risk.
  • Claims and OASIS data submissions that might cause red flags and result in ADRs and audits.
  • The uncertainty of your cash flow and whether you’re collecting everything you’ve earned.
  • The possibility of bad patient outcomes due to clinicians not having real-time access to patient charts, trends, problems, interventions, goals and more.

When you make your list, start with the single organizational weakness that causes you to lose the most sleep and fix it! If it happens to be one of the weaknesses I’ve mentioned above, call HEALTHCAREfirst at 800.841.6095 and we can help you fix it and get a good nights sleep.