Home Health coding errors can cost your agency thousands of dollars. Trying to juggle a number of responsibilities, coders may develop routine habits and rely on memorized codes rather than assigning more precise codes. This can lead to inaccuracies that result in time and money lost because avoidable errors have to be corrected. Here are some key reasons why every agency should consider working with a third party home health coding company to avoid home health errors:

They understand new coding regulations and updates.

It is a difficult task to keep up with all of the coding changes that occur each year. This requires consistent time and money spent towards educating staff. Gaining really deep knowledge of the codes is nearly impossible for an agency that has so many other responsibilities to worry about. When you work with a third party coding company, you are leaving the hard work to the professionals. It is their responsibility to make sure they understand all of the rules and regulations about coding. Putting your coding in the hands of these experts ensures that the regulations are followed and fewer home health coding errors will occur.

They have the time and resources to code properly.

ICD-10 cause quite a loss in productivity for a lot of healthcare organizations. And while most agencies have bounced back from ICD-10, there are many that still struggle to keep on track. When coders are rushed for time, trying to fit all of their responsibilities into a work day, they are bound to make errors. The sole purpose of a third party coding company is to provide coding services. It is their responsibility to ensure that the coders they hire are thoroughly trained and have the knowledge needed to properly submit medical claims and minimize the risk of home health coding errors. This enables your agency to concentrate on patient care, where you are most needed.

They have a proven process for success.

Because that’s all they do, third party coding companies have well-oiled processes in place to make sure that your coding is done accurately and quickly. Much time and effort is spent analyzing coding workflows, building streamlined processes, and quality improvement. They are constantly looking for ways to facilitate the best results from their coding efforts. It’s often difficult for home health agencies to engage in this level of analysis about their operations. There just simply isn’t the manpower or the time to do so.

HEALTHCAREfirst‘s Home Health Coding Services

Our home health coding services serve as an extension of your home health agency. We work with your team to reduce your coding duties so you can focus on caring for your patients. With less stress and more time spent with patients, your staff will be happier. You may even see improved patient engagement and satisfaction as a result.