Home Health Disaster Recovery Planning & Hospice Emergency Preparation.

Hurricane season is not over yet and Home Health Disaster Recovery Planning and Hospice Emergency Preparation should never be taken lightly.  Prior planning could equal a more organized and comprehensive recovery should a disaster affect your agency.   The use of an EMR can make disaster planning much easier for you, and web-based systems have the added benefit hosting your data in a secure facility, keeping it safe even when disaster strikes your area.

If you have advanced warning and time to prepare for a disaster, such as a hurricane, you should back up your patient data and print documents from your system, including:

  • On Call report (giving you details about all your patients on service)
  • Master Listing of Active Personnel (giving you personnel details)
  • Employee Calendar (giving you details of scheduled visits)
  • Patient Disaster Listing (giving you details of patient disaster protocols)

If your company experiences a disaster, you can use these reports to immediately contact your patients and employees to assess their situations and resume visits or contact emergency officials.  After fully assessing the conditions, you can quickly and easily make an effective plan of action addressing the most pertinent needs.

For more information about putting together a Home Health Disaster Recovery &/or Hospice Emergency Plan, review the NAHC Emergency Preparedness Packet.