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Specialized hospice billing services

Is your revenue stream being impacted by billing mistakes that result in denied claims or underpayment? When you work with us, you get more than just hospice billing services… you get a team of professionals dedicated to your financial success.

We combine powerful technology and superior service with expert consultation and advice. No matter what EMR you use, our hospice billing experts work hard so that you are accurately reimbursed for the services you provide.

Maximized reimbursement

At HEALTHCAREfirst, our goal is to optimize cash flow for your agency. We understand how important it is to maintain operations, so we treat your revenue cycle management activities with the highest level of diligence and priority.

Receive full payment for your services

Don’t miss out on full reimbursement. We work hard to get you paid fully for the services you provide. Our hospice billing experts have the knowledge and experience necessary to leave no money on the table.

Reduce risk of audit & takebacks

Accurate billing should be a top priority for the financial success of any hospice. Through our billing services, we aim to submit clean, accurate claims so you don’t have to worry about the risk of denials. Our team of experts are kept apprised of all changes in rules and regulations, so you can rest assured your claims are correct.

Increase cash flow

Our hospice billng is not only accurate, but it’s fast too! We can speed up the reimbursement process while reducing unpaid or denied claims. Our experts also have extensive experience in addressing problems that could affect reimbursement, allowing us to quickly overcome obstacles.

Hospice billing services features

Our billing experts work hard to accelerate reimbursement to optimize cash flow for your hospice, so you can continue to focus on what matters most – caring for patients and their families.

  • Expert team of billers with significant hospice billing experience
  • Claims billed to numerous types of payers, including Medicare, Medicaid, and commercial insurance
  • Fast turnaround so you are quickly paid what you are owed
  • We log directly into your EMR, no matter what system you use
  • Ongoing evaluation of how we are doing, including regular communication between our team and your agency
  • Web-based analytics that include revenue performance, payer-specific analysis, and more

Hospice billing recovery services

Are you dealing with a lot of unpaid claims or aged accounts? Our hospice billing recovery experts are experienced in addressing lost revenue that could be impeding your cash flow.

  • Manage unpaid claims and aged accounts so that you are properly compensated for your services
  • Review and resubmit submitted yet unpaid claims
  • Notify hospice of clinical documentation and/or coding errors on rejected claims so they can be fixed for resubmission
  • Comprehensive tracking of claims progress, including managing appeals

How it works

Our hospice billing services help make managing your revenue cycle easy. Here’s how:

  • Notice of Elections (NOEs) are submitted by HEALTHCAREfirst on your behalf for each hospice admission
  • When you are ready to bill, you batch your claims and notify your dedicated billing expert that they are ready for submission
  • We log into your software and submit the claims within 24 hours
  • We track the progress of every claim and work with you to correct any clinical documentation or coding errors for resubmission if necessary
  • When payments are received, they are posted in your software within 72 hours

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