Hospice Billing Services


Your billing process is one of the greatest opportunities to streamline operations, accelerate reimbursement, and improve overall profitability. All too often however, agencies find themselves struggling with cash flow as a result of billing issues. Our mission at HEALTHCAREfirst is to alleviate headaches associated with billing and collect 100% of what you are owed for the services that you provide.

Specialized Expertise For The Freedom You Need

Our hospice billing experts have the knowledge, training, and experience needed to process claims accurately and quickly. As a result, you will experience fewer billing errors, faster turnaround time, and improved cash flow. In addition, we offer billing recovery services to resolve unfiled and rejected claims.

Proven Processes To Accelerate & Improve Cash Flow

Billing Services:

  • Notice of Elections (NOEs) are submitted by HEALTHCAREfirst on your behalf for each hospice admission.
  • When you are ready to bill, you batch your claims and notify your dedicated billing expert that they are ready for submission. We then log into your software and submit the claims within 24 hours.
  • From there, they will track the progress of every claim and work with you to correct any clinical documentation or coding errors for resubmission if necessary.
  • When payments are received, they are deposited into your account and posted in your software within 72 hours.

Billing Recovery Services:

  • A dedicated billing expert analyzes your accounts receivables to identify unfiled and rejected claims.
  • For unfiled claims, we work quickly to review and submit these claims.
  • For rejected claims, we research the claim and work with you to correct and clinical documentation or coding errors for resubmission.
  • From there, they will track the progress of every claim and manage appeals if necessary.

Proven to Improve Revenue by 13% and DSO by 10 days!

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