Streamline Your Hospice Notice of Election Submissions

NOE Link™ enables hospices to create Hospice Notice of Election (NOE), Notice of Change (NOC), and Notice of Termination/Revocation (NOTR) submissions for an individual patient or for a batch of patients and submit to CMS without ever leaving firstHOSPICE. Users can easily submit NOE/NOC/NOTR records to the DDE system and monitor submissions from within firstHOSPICE, minimizing compliance burdens, risk of errors, and time constraints associated with managing the process.

  • Work in one system – Improve efficiency by logging into DDE within firstHOSPICE to automatically submit, cancel, replace, and revoke submissions without ever leaving the software.
  • Ensure clean submissions – The system validates NOEs are clean and ready for submission. NOEs with missing data are identified, enabling users to correct issues prior to submission.
  • Eliminate duplicate data entry and reduce the risk of errors – Required NOE/NOC/NOTR data is pulled directly from firstHOSPICE, saving valuable time by eliminating the need to key duplicate information, further reducing the risk of human data entry error and lost revenue associated with problematic submissions.
  • Improve NOTR efficiency – Quickly cancel a submission and replace it with updated information within firstHOSPICE, without having to wait for CMS to respond, minimizing the risk of being penalized for not submitting the NOTR within the five-day window.
  • Submit for individual patients or in batches – Simplify submission and improve efficiency with the ability to submit for individual patients or in batches.
  • Gain quick insight into your submissions – Retrieve responses from CMS to confirm acceptance and detect any issues.
  • Easily access complete submission histories – Have quick, easy access of submission histories including DCN numbers and pertinent information for processing appeals with ease.

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