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Total Hospice Agency Management Package

As hospices continue to invest in software and services to manage their businesses, the number of vendors they work with often grows at the same time. This can often create difficulties, not the least of which is the escalating amount of time needed to manage these partnerships successfully. Often it becomes a full-time job for administration to keep up with paperwork, putting agencies at financial and regulatory risk.

Break free from the constraints of managing a multitude of systems and vendors that slow down operations and potentially put your business at risk. The HEALTHCAREfirst Hospice Solution Suite is the only total agency management package in the industry. By leveraging first-in-class hospice software, hospice coding and billing services, Hospice CAHPS surveys, and advanced hospice analytics, agencies experience elevated success across the organization. Pricing is based upon a percent of collections, so you know we’re invested in your success.

Everything You Need for Hospice Success

With the HEALTHCAREfirst Hospice Solution Suite you can have everything you need to improve your revenue, stay compliant, and provide quality care.

  • Increase your profits by maximizing reimbursement while reducing overhead costs
  • Ensure regulatory compliance with accurate, complete, and compliant clinical documentation
  • Gain more high-value referrals by demonstrating excellent patient care
  • Monitor trends, identify opportunities for improvement, and recognize success with advanced financial, clinical, quality, and operational analytics
  • Enhance employee satisfaction and adoption with easy program implementation and ongoing support from a dedicated team of implementation, training, and client service professionals
  • Simplify vendor management by connecting with one expert business partner. One vendor, one invoice. It’s that easy!

Hospice Solution Suite Features

The HEALTHCAREfirst Hospice Solution Suite will transform your agency by combining the best software, services, and analytics into one integrated suite.

  • Hospice-Specific Software (EHR) – Deliver the best quality of care to your patients with our intuitive, easy-to-use Web-based software developed exclusively for hospice care.
  • Coding Champions – Ensure the accuracy of your hospice coding so you are properly paid for your services, while minimizing audit triggers.
  • Billing Experts – Submit clean, accurate claims for a simplified hospice billing process with faster reimbursement for a stronger bottom line.
  • High-Speed Payer Connectivity – Experience a real-time, high-speed DDE connection, simplifying the hospice claims process.
  • Leading Hospice CAHPS Administration – Go beyond standard Hospice CAHPS survey compliance with easy to understand, detailed analysis and reporting of data that you can use to improve your performance.
  • Advanced Hospice Analytics – the fog of overwhelming data with insights into financial and quality performance including receivables, projected RAs, NOEs, and Hospice Item Set using our Financial and Quality Analytics solutions.

HEALTHCAREfirst’s Hospice Solution Suite will revolutionize how your hospice operates so you can put patients before paperwork.

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