Hospice Testimonials

If you are looking for an affordable, easy to learn, Web-based EMR that has almost all the bells and whistles on your want list, I would highly recommend you look at this program. It is easy to teach. It is easy to use. Our state surveyors love the updated care plan with every nurse note. It has built in flexibility to allow for agency specific needs by the use of templates that you can embed into notes. It also allows us to upload the consents, advanced directives, pharmacy reviews and anything specific to a patient. This creates a true EMR.
Pam from Front Range Hospice & Palliative Care,
“[The software] meets the needs of nursing, billing, and administration. We have not had any rejections of HIS data. HEALTHCAREfirst has been very responsive to all the regulatory changes in hospice care. They have good webinars for training on new functions.
Peggy, Nurse, Serenity Hospice and Home
Check it out. I loved this system from the first demonstration I saw! I am an old nurse that found electronic charting overwhelming. The reason I loved this software from the start is the fact that it flows like a real chart! It makes sense; the process makes sense!
Susan, Office Manager, Buckner Hospice
The implementation and support is amazing. It is a team effort to make these types of changes successful. Glad we found a partner and not just another vendor.
Mindy from State of the Heart Care,
We have been using HEALTHCAREfirst since 2008. The ever changing Medicare requirements led us to start looking for electronic clinical documentation. We actually went from paper notes to electronic documentation. It is very user friendly and does not take long to learn at all. We like the fact that we can “chat” to ask questions or have something fixed. We are a free standing non profit hospice, so every penny has to be spent wisely. We made an excellent choice with HEALTHCAREfirst.
Michelle from Hospice of Limestone County,
I have used this software for a few years and it has been great. This software is hospice ready and does not require for you to set it up, so there is no time wasted figuring out what else is required. Customer service is always available and ready to help. I recommend this software to all my clients.
Luis, Accountants Receivables, LCG Billing Services, LLC
[The software is] very easy to navigate. If I get stuck, there is always someone available either online or by phone to help me out. The charting is easy and less time consuming than previous software I have used. I also have the Solution Suite and it adds another layer of checks and balances and helps us to stay in compliance.
Barb, Nurse, AZ Hospice
HEALTHCAREfirst is always at the forefront of being sure that their hospice EMR is compliant with Medicare regulations along with ACHC/CHAPS regulations. We have been through two surveys with this EMR system and both ACHC and Missouri State Surveyors were impressed. I have had several employees come to work for us who used prior EMR systems and every single one of them have been impressed with HEALTHCAREfirst and how it is so much more user friendly and easy to navigate.
Stephanie from Serenity Care Hospice, Inc.,
HEALTHCAREfirst has been very responsive in creating easy-to-use solutions to the many changes in healthcare compliance and regulations. I do not worry when new requirements come along because I know this vendor will help us with a timely release of necessary changes to the software.
Lynette from Serenity Hospice and Home,