(Louisville, KY – April 12, 2011) HEALTHCAREfirst‘s Deyta, LLC and Homecare Homebase, LLC today announced an integrated data interface between their two systems, enabling common users a seamless and automated data transfer mechanism to support survey and benchmarking requirements. The newly integrated data interface will allow Homecare Homebase users to automatically send patient information needed for family evaluation of care and bereavement surveys to Deyta and allow for integration of QAPI reporting through Deyta’s Quality Navigator.

Homecare Homebase users can now send automatic monthly updates to Deyta for processing all hospice care and bereavement surveys. This direct transfer of data ensures timely issue of surveys and a more systematic approach to staying up-to-date on the process. For each patient, the “smart” interface created by Homecare Homebase and Deyta identifies the right family member or loved one to receive the survey and automatically sends the appropriate demographic and patient information to Deyta to initiate the survey. For the many agencies following the CHAP accreditation guidelines that require a third-party vendor to administer all surveys, this is a huge time saver and ensures systematic compliance with the parameters set forth by CHAP. Deyta collects and compiles the survey results so that end users receive insightful management reporting and operational analysis tools to benchmark their performance against their peers, as well as daily alerts of any critical comments that require immediate actions.

“We are truly excited about the Homecare Homebase and Deyta interface. It’s amazing how easy the process has been! What was a time consuming and inaccurate manual process has turned into a streamlined automated system that we no longer need to worry about. For the first time we will be able to trend our Family Satisfaction scores, not only locally, but nationally. The future of staying competitive is being able to prove what sets you apart from the others and having the integrated interface will now allow us to quantify the excellent care we have been giving. We are extremely anxious to see our first quarter scores.” Viki Jingle, Vice President of Hospice, IntegraCare Holdings, Inc.

“The increasing focus on public reporting in hospice makes it vital that agencies prepare now to develop efficient measurement systems and make targeted improvements to ensure their best performance,” said Martha Tecca, Chief Strategy Officer, Deyta. “Through the interface between Deyta and Homecare Homebase, our customers will have access to information like never before, allowing them to proactively manage their business. Soon, we will automatically feed survey results and benchmarks back into the Knowledge Link™ Agency Dashboard in the Homecare Homebase system, enabling our shared users to stay in front of reporting guidelines and focus on superior results.”

Homecare Homebase has also worked with Deyta to create an integrated link to their Quality Navigator, Deyta’s powerful clinical quality management system that measures clinical processes and outcomes and quantifies adverse event reporting, as required by the Quality Assessment and Performance Improvement (QAPI) Medicare hospice condition of participation (CoP). This powerful tool allows agencies to benchmark and compare themselves to providers across the country for clinical quality measures, including those in the Hospice AIM Toolkit.

As patients are seen and charts are updated using Homecare Homebase, the resulting data for the identified questions is fed automatically to Deyta. In addition to the rich, drill-down reports included in the Quality Navigator, Deyta is also able to provide valuable results back to Homecare Homebase users through various management reports and the Agency Dashboard. Users are easily able to meet their CMS requirements of maintaining an effective and ongoing data-driven assessment and performance program.

“We constantly strive to provide our customers real-time access to the types of data that is most critical to managing their businesses,” said Tom Maxwell, COO, Homecare Homebase. “By integrating Deyta’s surveying and QAPI benchmarking we are able to create a process that requires little effort on the customers part, while generating powerful data reporting that enables improved decision making and ultimately better agency operation. ”