Home Health Business Intelligence Tool is the Perfect Partner.

Recently, you may have received a Comparative Billing Report (CBR) from Medicare.  What are they being used for?  And how should they be interpreted and used by home health agencies?

Who Produces the Medicare Comparative Billing Report?
CMS contracted with two companies to produce these specialized reports: SafeGuard Services, LLC and A+ Government Solutions.  These reports provide comparative Medical billing data on how an individual health care provider varies in comparison to other providers.

What Does the Medicare Comparative Billing Report Cover?
The Medicare Comparative Billing reports that are currently being distributed cover data from January 1, 2011 through December 31, 2011.  They provide data comparing your agency against others in your state and nationally.  The data includes:

  • Average number of home health visits per beneficiary
  • Average number of home health therapy visits per beneficiary
  • Average Medicare payment per beneficiary

Why Should You Care About the Medicare Comparative Billing Report?
So what should you do with these reports?  Look at the reports carefully. Check your home health agency’s current averages to see how you compare to others.  If your Medicare billing data is significantly different than the averages shown, you will want to make sure that you have significant documentation to support your data.

Because Medicare is collecting and reporting this data, it could be quite easy for them in the future to use it to generate ADRs in order to see why your agency is out of the “norm.”  You will want to address any issues you may see in your Medicare reports now.

In addition to the Comparative Billing Report, your agency may benefit from utilizing a business analytics tool such as Business Intelligence from HEALTHCAREfirst.  Business Intelligence gives you valuable, real-time insight into your business practices including receivables, revenue and patient eligibility.  When used together with your CBR, you will have the Medicare billing data you need to make informative, proactive business decisions before it’s too late.