Noise Levels in Hospitals are Important to Home Health & Hospice Care.

A recent article published by HealthDay titled “Noisy Wards Could Threaten Hospital Patient’s Health” provided information on studies of noise levels in hospitals and how they can affect a person’s ability to sleep.

I previously taught individuals a 101 course on home care.  One of the things we talked about during each one of the sessions is why individuals might elect to go home for their care rather than staying within in a facility.  First the pros of the inpatient setting.  Patients have access to medical professionals 24/7.  It’s a controlled environment.  The ability to respond and provide patients with immediate care is available in most cases.  Of course, there are other benefits that I’m sure can be noted but these were just a few that routinely came up from my class participants.  So why would you elect to go home?

This typically led to a lot of conversation around why people would want to be home if they’re sick.  One of the top things that would come up is that they felt that they could get more rest if they were at home, versus in a hospital being poked, prodded and tested every X number of hours.  A question often discussed was “When you’re sick what is one of the things that the doctor usually always tells you? Get some rest!” If you’re constantly challenged with getting rest, how will that affect your recovery?

Home Health and hospice affords patients so many terrific things.  Treatment at home by caring and exceptional professionals, in a setting that is comfortable to the patient, surrounded by the people they love, without the noise levels in hospitals and action of an acute care setting.  This is not to say there aren’t absolutely times when being in the hospital is far more beneficial than being at home could be, but rather to point out that homecare can help patients get better faster… one of the greatest rewards may be having a quieter place to sleep.

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