Between the growing number of coding changes, the sheer volume of codes to choose from, and unplanned employee absences, your coding can take significant time, often resulting in a backlog. Taking advantage of the expertise offered through remote home health coding companies can help you turn around accurate claims quickly.

Here are some benefits of working with remote home health coding companies:

Receive Full Payment for Services

Coding mistakes often result in denials, underpayment, and overpayment. Look for remote home health coding companies that employ experienced, certified coders. By leveraging this expertise, you can speed up reimbursement and reduce errors that produce underpayments, denials, and overpayments.

Reduce Your Risk of Audit & Takebacks

You can minimize the risk of takebacks, RAC audits, and ZPIC audits when claims are clean and accurate. When evaluating remote home health coding companies, ask if their coders receive regular refresh training on the intricate details of coding. Also ask if they’re proactively educated on changes in rules and regulations. Experienced, knowledgeable coders can work more quickly to produce accurate claims.

Accelerate Your Cash Flow

Working with experienced remote home health coding companies can speed up the reimbursement process. First, experience can produce a faster first pass, claim clean rate. And should problems arise, significant experience in addressing issues allows for quick resolution and resubmission.

Reduce Your Coding Backlog

Coding 100% of your claims in-house puts you at risk for unplanned employee absences or staff changes. Remote home health coding companies employ their own coders so they are better able to handle volume, making you less susceptible to cash flow disruptions.

Have Peace of Mind

Knowing that your coding is being managed by a team of experienced, certified experts provides reassurance that your claims are accurate and complete, so you can focus on what really matters most…providing quality, compassionate care.

The HEALTHCAREfirst Difference

More home health and hospice agencies trust us to manage their revenue cycle and are confident that while they’re focusing on patient care, our experts are focused on the speed and accuracy of claims. To learn more about how our remote home health coding services can help you, contact us today!

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